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Saint Louis

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Saint Louis, Missouri
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St Louis is a major mid-western city in Missouri filled with culture. The Gateway Arch, the world's tallest monument, forms a triumphant city skyline. St. Louis planners have created an aesthetically beautiful city with green space at the street level. An open mall leads up to the historic court houses facing the Gateway Arch surrounded by reflecting pools.

The city is named after Louis IX of France. St. Louis is called the Gateway to the West. The city was the last major stop before pioneers journeyed westward to the Pacific coast. The city also played a large part during the steam boat era due its position at the meeting of the Mississippi River and Missouri River.
St. Louis hosted the 1904 World's Fair and the Olympic games.
St. Louis was acquired from France by the US during President Thomas Jefferson's term in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase. The transfer of power from Spain was made official in a ceremony called "Three Flags Day." On March 8, 1804, the Spanish flag was lowered and the French one raised. On March 10, the French flag was replaced by that of the USA.

St. Louis was the only place to manufacture Chevy Corvettes from 1953-1980. 1967 Corvette
Get in
By car
St. Louis can be accessed by Interstate 70 West from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and points eastward, I-64W from Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and points southeastward, I-55N from Arkansas, Tennessee, and points southward, I-55S from Illinois, I-44E from Tulsa, and I-70E from Kansas City. There is a loop around St. Louis which is I-270.

By plane
Lambert St. Louis International Airport (STL), 10701 Lambert International Blvd, +1 314 426-8000 .

Spirit of St. Louis Airport, 18270 Edison Avenue in Chesterfield, +1 636 532-2222 .

By train
Amtrak - +1 800 USA-RAIL, 551 S 16th St, offers five daily arrivals from Chicago, two daily arrivals from Kansas City and one daily arrival from Los Angeles/San Antonio/Little Rock with many smaller intermediate station stops on each route.

By bus
Greyhound Bus Lines, 1450 N 13th St., +1 314 231-4485 .

Megabus - +1 877-GO2-MEGA. Discount bus company offering service to St. Louis from Chicago and Kansas City, fares start at $1. Once in Chicago, it is possible to make connections to Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Louisville.

By boat
The Mississippi River forms the eastern boundary of the city, separating it from Illinois. The Missouri River runs into the Mississippi just north of St. Louis.

Get around
MetroLink, +1 314 231-2345 - A light rail system with much room to grow. It runs from Lambert-St.Louis Int'l Airport (STL) in Missouri to Scott AFB in Illinois.
Metro Buses - Crisscross the bi-state metropolitan area.
Car is extremely useful here.
Scooters - There is one scooter rental establishment in the Central West End neighborhood of the city. $35 a day will get you around. This is an ever-growing method of travel for residents and tourists alike.

The Gateway Arch
Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, 4431 Lindell Blvd. (at Newstead Avenue in the Central West End neighborhood), +1 314 373-8200 - Open 7AM-7PM. This Roman Catholic church contains the most mosaic art in one site in the world--83,000 square feet, installed by a family of artists who used more than 41 million tiles with more than 7,000 colors.

Eads Bridge - This bridge was the first to cross the Mississippi and represents one of the greatest engineering achievements of its time. This overlooked landmark is worth checking out for the Eiffel Tower-like iron lattice that still holds up cars and the Metro-link to this day.

Old Courthouse, downtown

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