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Who is Snapspans for?

Businesses physically located within the United States and consumers looking for a business, service, or product in the US.

Who else is Snapspans for?

Snapspans is for you and me, and everyone else. People, companies, buyers, sellers, writers, web publishers, cats, whomever is online, mobile, on the ground, on their way.

How can I advertise my business?

Submit what you feel is the best for your intentions, pay a small fee, and don't worry about a thing. You can also become a member if you like. It'll be easy, once it is made possible. We are working on opening that up to more customers in the near future.

When does a new listing, comment or article appear?

Usually within minutes for members, and up to a few days for unregistered users. Snapspans premium members enjoy the first look. Before anything is displayed it must first pass an automatic and human review and approval process.

What can Snapspans do for me?

You will find a way to do what you want to with Snapspans. If the freeform tools for any reason do not suit your task, please contact us with your requests or goals.

What kinds of tools does Snapspans offer?

Snapspans provides a search, listings and information platform with a lot of help from incredible open source web programming tools and big tech data APIs.

What does Snapspans cost?

What's your budget? Snapspans is free for browsing, searching, and feedback. New listings and updates range from a $1.00 verification fee, a $5.00 one time setup (which may be waived if appropriate), monthly or annual subscriptions, to custom-built solutions to drive you motivated traffic. High six-figure M&|A offers may be entertained as well.

Why is Snapspans open to everyone?

Because everyone is open to Snapspans. Ours is a give some and get more policy, as has worked well for many generations of fun-loving mammals.

Why do I see Google ads on every page?

Good question! It is a mystery to us how millions of networked PCs can foresee exactly what we are looking for. Snapspans was born out of the observation that the ads Google provides can be genuinely useful. Of course if you see something you like, click it. Snapspans will welcome you when you come back.

When will feature X be available?

When date Y crosses the International Date Line. Time is valuable, and Snapspans likes simple. But let us know what you would like to see. Feel free to contribute also, if wou would like to extend Snapspans.

Where can I find my town?

Only in America, for now. We started Snapspans pages for 50 major cities in the United States, now have many more cities listed for almost all 50 states. You know your area better than we do. So fill in the gap by seeding your location. Every time someone takes an interest in a place, Snapspans grows.

Who is behind Snapspans?

We are a small, but tightly knit group of about ten fingers. We have the advantage of some very powerful tools and the cutting edge networks of the century of super computing to make it all handy for you.