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Columbus, Ohio
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Columbus is the capital of the American state of Ohio and is located centrally within the state in the Mid-Ohio region. It is the home of The Ohio State University. The combination of Ohio Government and Ohio State University has fueled amazing growth both financially and physically in Columbus. It has created a business and research enviroment that has provided substantial employment opportunities to the diverse ethnic and local graduates of Ohio State University, and other academic institutions in Columbus. The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), is projected to be one of the top 50 supercomputers in the world and among the top 10 supercomputing academic centers. Columbus is evolving into a less formal City than days past, the blue suits walking the downtown streets on hot August days are giving way to open collars and more comfortable attire. On warm evenings the downtown eateries are bursting with outside diners and the sidewalks are bustling with activity. All in all, Columbus is a great American City!

Olde Towne East
Brewery District
Short North
University Area
German Village

Named after the Italian explorer who sailed under the Spanish flag (In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue), this city is the largest in Ohio in terms of population with 730,657 (1.7 million in the metropolitan area, which is third in size in Ohio behind Greater Cleveland and Greater Cincinnati) and the 15th largest in the country. A lot of growth has been fueled by government jobs (as the state capital), The Ohio State University (one of the largest student populations in the nation) and numerous Fortune 500 companies headquartered here (Cardinal Health, Nationwide Insurance, Limited Brands, etc.). It is a day's drive from one half of the U.S. population and is located at the intersection of I-70 and I-71.
Generally arranged in a really big wheel, Columbus is the central hub to many nearby cities including (clockwise from the north):

Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

The Columbus Dispatch - Daily Newspaper

The Dispatch is Columbus' daily newspaper, and has the standard News/Sports/Arts/Classifieds mix. Perhaps due to the fact that Columbus is the state capitol, the Dispatch usually carries more news about state politics than most of the other Ohio dailies. In addition to the standard vending machines, the Dispatch can also be purchased on some COTA (public) buses by depositing an extra $0.50 into the fare box.

The Other Paper - Alternative/Entertainment newspaper

The Other Paper is probably the best source for information on the music and arts scenes in Columbus. It is geared towards a younger (or at least more liberal) audience and can usually be found free in coffee shops and restaurants.

Columbus Alive - Entertainment newspaper

While not as colorful or notorious as The Other Paper, Columbus Alive is another good source for entertainment schedules, and may be less jarring to those with conservative sensibilities. It is also provided free at local businesses and libraries.

The Lantern - Student Newspaper

The Lantern is the student newspaper of The Ohio State University, and can thus be found in and around the University's campus. The writing found in the Lantern is sometimes of questionable quality, causing some students to nickname it The Latrine.

Get in
By plane
Port Columbus International Airport (IATA: CMH), 4600 International Gateway, ☎ +1 614 239-4083, . Port Columbus is served by all the major airlines, with direct flights to most major American cities. Aside from rental cars, the airport can also be reached by the #92 bus, or by taxi. A taxi ride to downtown is only 10 minutes and will cost approximately $25. Depending on your schedule and where you are connecting to, it may be worthwhile to check flights to Dayton as well, as they are often cheaper.

Skybus is a low-cost airline that flies non-stop out of Columbus to many cities across the US. They offer 10 seats for $10 (one-way) on every flight. If you use any service beyond your seat and carry-on luggage, you must pay for it in addition to the ticket price ($5 per checked-in bag, $2 per soda/juice, etc.).

By car
Major highways include I-71 & Rte. 315 (north and south), I-70 & I-670 (east and west), and the outer-belt, I-270. US Routes 33, 23, and 40 also converge downtown.

By bus
Greyhound Station, 111 East Town St, +1 614 228-2266, . Hours: 24 hours a day.
Megabus, +1 877 462-6342, . Service to Columbus from Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Chicago. Fares start at $1. Buses arrive and depart downtown Columbus at the COTA Express Transit Terminal, located at West Spring Street and North Wall Street. Buses also serve Ohio State University from a stop at the north side of the Neil Drive loop next to the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion. Neil Drive is located northwest of Neil Avenue and West 12th Avenue.

Get around
By bus
The COTA bus service , while not by any standard one of the greatest in the nation, can take you to most important places in the city, which should be about 5 blocks away from any conceivable location you need to go to. This service costs $2.00 for an express bus and $1.50 for a normal bus. Transfers are free; ask for one from the bus driver when you pay your fare.

By foot
The entire corridor of High St (US Route 23) from Clintonville in the North to Merion Village in the South is extremely pedestrian-friendly, though it does pass through some less-than-scenic areas, particularly the few blocks between campus and the short north.
Downtown Columbus

Columbus OH

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